by Malacoda

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released March 21, 2015



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Malacoda Oakville, Ontario

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Track Name: Abandon All Hope
I don't know where to go with my life
There's far too much fear and strife
I remember my darker past
Through the woods of error at last

Abandon all hope and embrace your fears
Swallow your pride and freeze your tears

Infernal pride has dragged me down
Betrayed by life, blur my sight
Violent thoughts displayed with sound
I regain power tonight

Midway on our life's path we fall
Pushed by desire we may crawl
Into Hell I go before Death
As I descend I hold my last breath

Abandon all hope all entering here
Sing your sorrows and take in your fear
Track Name: Cutting
Why can't I see?
I can't believe
This cult won't save
Blood won't grant hope

Cutting deeper into your soul
Timeless Reaper will take his toll
Bleeding out, dying slow
The other side you shall know

I wait on you
My words won't sate
Your blood won't please
Your God of Grief

Charon's light brightly glows
Through the river: unearthly woes
Reborn again without a voice
Flesh is not sin- this was your choice

This was your voice, there is no choice
This was your choice, there is no voice
This was your voice, there is no choice
This was your choice, there is no voice
Track Name: Deafening
In the blink of an eye
It's still hard to see
One minute here another gone
I'm still asking why

I can't hear you anymore my friend
I have the fear that I'm going deaf

I cannot hear you
I've never seen you
Ashes to ashes
My world- it crashes

Gasp for air and sigh
My voice has failed
The importance of silence known
It's consequences dulled

My ears are bleeding and ringing loud
Tinnitus caused by your falling down
Track Name: Vexation
Our time is short
A year in a day
What is our worth?
Who is to say?

I tried to be more than this
I rose above this shit
But when my wings were clipped
Vexation settled in

Eat, loathe and mate
The way to survive
Ingrained in us
All of our lives

Swarming, flying
Crawling, spying
Never knowing where they're going
Live for a day
Then replaced
There's just too much noise, they just multiply
Track Name: Lobotomy of the Heart
I do not know where the road will lead
I cannot find the solace you've given me
If you would be so kind as to show the way
I will follow close, I won't fall astray

How could you grow so cold?
The wounds show
Lobotomy of the heart
My eyes are frozen shut
I'll never know
Lobotomy of the heart

The door's been left wide open, am I free to go?
In this insane asylum, the broken roam
Bring death to the fire, long live the crow
Track Name: Vigilante
I had a plan
Nothing you could understand
Not given a chance
Why am I damned?

Never seen, never heard
The smallest action: the loudest word
I will die, yet I'll remain
You'll only know my other name

I'm just a man
This is not who I am
Time for a break
I have no power

You will never fade from me
You're more than just a pipe dream
Track Name: Cruel Departure
Do not welcome me back home
Your outstretched arms: an iron maiden
I'd be better off alone

We aren't the same
So we'll split up farther
Who is to blame
For our cruel departure?

I do not fear your fists
But your words still burn
What do we make of this
Of ourselves what was learned?

Go away, go away
Away from here
Go away, go away
Away from here
Track Name: Phantom Pain
I can't see the wound, but I feel the burn
What's the cure for when the mind feels spurned?
In the light I know it is not real
Yet in the dark I cannot feel

I can't tell what's real or fake
Phantom pain will only take
Phantom pain will only take

Always haunting me, preventing sleep
Damn this ghost of the mind is tormenting me
When my body fails I fall down deep
Specter of my thoughts just won't let me be

I can't find the cause of this affliction
There's no cure for restless thought addiction
In the dark I see the cure to my plight
Yet I'm not strong enough to face my fright
Track Name: Lamia
Is what you are
Embodiment of lies
A serpent whore

No more lies my dear, nothing left to fear
Gorgon you are not, your power will rot

Fork tongued lies, tortured eyes
Feel it grow, learn to know
Accept fate, love to hate
Anathema, Lamia

Keep going down this path and
See what will be
Is there anything left of
Your humanity
Revert to older ways
Return to your hole
Sleep for a hundred years and
Never grow old

Stories fade
Into myth
Lies will change
Look what's become of this
Track Name: Outback
Ever dreamt that you were falling
Only to wake up drenched in sweat?

Is it a nightmare
Or is it the truth?
I can't believe
What this world has come to

Am I out or am I in deeper?
Is the one laughing there Gone?
In this world I am the ruler
But I fear I won't last long